About Yoga Designs

We have sold Yoga Mats, Props, Bags and equipment for years through our YogaStudio.co.uk site. We have had face-to-face experience and feedback with our retail and wholesale customers, some of whom want a personalized service.

Some clients want their logo on yoga mats, props, bags, clothes etc to have their branding consistent. Others want an inspiring artwork, pattern or even photo on yoga mats, props, bags, clothes etc. We are now proud to be able to offer a Fully Customizable Service for both retail and wholesale requirements via Yogadesigned.com.

We believe that anyone should be able to reflect their individualism through their sports equipment. We don’t believe that yoga equipment needs to be “all the same” and boring.

Yoga Designed allows anyone to either choose one of our unique designs, or to upload their own design, logo, even photo to be applied to our yoga mats, bags, clothes. You can even overlay text onto your design.